It's More Than A Game, It's A Lifestyle!

About Us

Hockey Lifestyle is a hockey clothing company built for hockey players. We offer you some beauty threads for you to look your best while your out wheeling or if your at the rink with the boys.


Conveinently located in the the heart of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. 

In-Store Hours:

Monday-Thursday - 9 A.M - 9 P.M.

Friday-Saturday - 10 A.M. - 6 P.M.

Sunday - Closed.

We ship to any location in the world. Our customers come first because we want to see every beauty in the world rocking Hockey Lifestyle gear.


Our Shop

Our shop has some beauty threads! Hockey Lifestyle is a clothing line for the players. Doesn't matter if your a 1st Line Beauty, a 4th Line Grinder, a Solid Tendy or a Fan in the rink, our clothes are for you!

Mission Statement


Hockey Lifestyle is here to offer you the most stylish hockey clothes you have ever seen. Our goal is to satisfy the need of hockey players and fans around the world. We provide you with the most comfortable clothes, at the same time looking good.

727 Capitol St., Windsor, Ontario | 519-999-5214


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